Introduction to Evangelization (Free)

God is at work and has a plan for these times. We are part of that plan. God is preparing fertile soil. He’s softening hearts and stirring souls. We should look at this pandemic as a great opportunity to bear witness to God’s saving love. (Romans 8:28). To that end, we have made these videos from our St. Paul School of Evangelization available for a limited time.

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Sample videos from other courses

Adam Janke and Brian Lee explain that any Catholic can become a leader of an SPSE team



Peter Herbeck shares testimonies about the power of the kerygma to change lives



Beth Schuele gives you some advice about inviting someone to go out and evangelize with you



Beth Schuele explains how we can wage spiritual warfare and offer up powerful sacrifices for sinners



Patrick Brennan discusses the basic methods that St. Paul Street Evangelists use to engage our culture and save souls



Bob Wilson discusses the basics of street evangelization for those with little or no experience



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