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The St. Paul School of Evangelization is an online school created by the St. Paul Evangelization Institute. This school is designed to equip Catholics to learn more about their Faith and how to share it with others in a joyful, non-confrontational manner.



Looking at the ministry model of Jesus, we see that he invited everyday people into a “school” of discipleship. Over a period of time, the first disciples listened to Jesus, studied Scriptures, engaged in discussions with each other and him, grew in intimacy and prayer, and learned supernatural ministry through empowerment and practice. Once they were filled with the Holy Spirit, they left the foot of the Master and were sent out into the whole world to make disciples of nations. We imitate this model so that together, we can faithfully and effectively witness to the world that our God continues to use ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things in the world.

This video is an example of one of dozens of training lessons you get by becoming a pledging partner.


This lesson is just a sample of one of the video courses you can take if you become a pledging partner. Other training courses include our highly acclaimed Basic Evangelization Training, as well as Healing in Evangelization Training, Evangelical Apologetics, Fr. John Hardon’s Basic Catholic Catechism Course, and more. Become a partner today!


Student Benefits

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  • Access to our Partners Store with exclusive products, highly discounted rates, and free shipping. (Terms and conditions apply.)
  • Full access to our partner training and resource website with courses and training modules. Courses include Basic Evangelization Training, Healing in Evangelization Training, Evangelical Apologetics, Fr. John Hardon’s Basic Catholic Catechism Course, and more. Includes online and printable training guides.
  • Access to live training video conferences.
  • Access to Street Ready Phone Interviews (over-the-phone coaching in the 4 Basic Skills of Evangelization).
  • Access to all of our pamphlets in PDF format for you to print out and distribute at no charge.
  • Access to all of the other resources and templates that our team leaders use throughout the country.
  • The knowledge that your contributions will be well spent for the conversion of our entire world to Christ and His Church.

We prayerfully ask you to consider how much you are able to pledge. Every dollar helps support our apostolate as we continue to grow and work for the salvation of souls!



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CCC 905

Lay people...fulfill their prophetic mission by evangelization, that is, the proclamation of Christ by word and the testimony of life. For lay people, this evangelization...acquires a specific property and peculiar efficacy because it is accomplished in the ordinary circumstances of the world. This witness of life, however, is not the sole element in the apostolate; the true apostle is on the lookout for occasions of announcing Christ by word, either to unbelievers...or to the faithful.

CCC 1816

The disciple of Christ must not only keep the faith and live on it, but also profess it, confidently bear witness to it, and spread it... Service of and witness to the faith are necessary for salvation.

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Our Teaching Method

We teach you how to be an effective evangelist, to proclaim the Gospel and demonstrate the Kingdom of God, and to invite those who repent and believe in the Gospel into the Body of Christ, the Church. We teach ordinary disciples how to change the world.


Evangelization is our identity and mission as baptized Christians. And at this unique time in history, the Church is calling us to the work of making disciples by becoming again like the first disciples. We want to train, equip and mobilize you to live out your vocation!


You can use our training and resources to evangelize the members of your parish. Even among Mass-going Catholics, it can be a long time since they've heard the gospel, and now is the time to reignite a fire in everyone's faith by telling them the saving works of Jesus Christ.


Reach out to those on your campus or in your workplace. We offer you free tools like printable pamphlets and free Catholic books so that you can make the maximum impact on the people you work with or study with in your everyday life.



His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
"I'm very happy to express my deepest esteem for St. Paul Evangelization. This apostolate is doing a tremendous work in bringing Christ and His truth and love to all parts of the United States and throughout the world. I give my wholehearted support to the work and I pray for it daily that it will continue and grow for the sake of the salvation of many souls."
His Eminence Francis Cardinal Arinze
"May God bless all the efforts of those who organize St. Paul Evangelization, those who engage in it, and those who profit from this form of witness to Christ."
His Eminence Joseph William Cardinal Tobin
"This apostolate is certainly helping to fulfill the Great Commission by bolstering the confidence of Catholics in a non-confrontational approach to evangelizing people in their local community."
Most Reverend Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron
"One of the methods [of evangelization] I would like to recommend is the work of St. Paul Evangelization … I, having personally participated in their work of street evangelization, enthusiastically endorse this group... I encourage you to join me in offering your prayers and support for this organization."
Most Reverend Bishop Earl A. Boyea
"It is always good to acclaim the zeal and energy and faith of those who wish to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are all responsible for announcing that Gospel. One group which is doing this work quite forthrightly in the world is St. Paul Evangelization."
Most Reverend Bishop Daniel E. Thomas
"I...highly encourage you to use this ministry as a vibrant form of evangelization for the Catholic Church."