Free Training Account

St. Paul Street Evangelization relies on the support of generous donors like you to continue our mission of equipping all Catholics to share their Faith with others in joyful, non-confrontational ways! Even a small donation pledge goes a long way towards supporting this work. If you are unable to afford any of the suggested donation amounts, please consider giving a smaller amount:

A free account will give you access to all the same online/digital resources as a pledging account. Please note, however, that since the discounted prices on physical evangelization materials ordered from our store are subsidized by partner donations, these discounts are only available to pledging donors (the smallest amount you may pledge and still receive access to store discounts is $75/year.)  If after prayerful consideration you decide that you do not wish to support us financially, you may sign up for a free account at this link.

Thank you and God bless!