Welcome evangelists!

Hi friend of SPSE,

Thank you for visiting our “Welcome to the Team” page. It is designed for new team members who have been added to a team by one of our team leaders. If you are seeing this message, our website was unable to identify which team you are a member of, if any. Please browse the links below which contain some onboarding requirements and recommendations.

Code of Conduct (Required)

Click here to sign our code of conduct, a requirement for all evangelists. We ask all evangelists to complete our code of conduct form before evangelizing with a team. If you complete the electronic version it will automatically be added to your team leader’s records. No need to print it out.

Create an account

An account gives you full access to our online School of Evangelization. This includes courses, training modules, and evangelization resources. It also includes online and printable training guides, access to future courses as they are released, and live training video conferences.


Training and Coaching

We have several training options to choose from including our Introduction to Evangelization Course, a quarterly 3-hour Virtual Street Evangelization Workshop, a 7-minute primer video, and our Street Ready Evangelization Call.


Connect with other evangelists

Join our facebook group exclusively for our SPSE evangelists. Keep up with our events, ask questions, and receive inspiration and tips for the street.