The St. Paul Evangelization Institute

Team Leader Roles and Responsibilities

St. Paul Street Evangelization team leaders make the commitment to follow these roles and responsibilities. These were developed to identify what is needed to build and sustain strong teams. Affirming these statements is part of the SPSE Team Leader Application.

SPSE Faith Life Commitments

The work of evangelization is always done in cooperation with the Holy Spirit and will be most effective if you are living as an intentional, faithful, and devoted Catholic. Please affirm the following statements:

Team Leader Roles and Responsibilities

The team leader is responsible for the overall leadership of the local SPSE team. Successful teams require a commitment from the team leader to build the team and schedule team evangelization outings. Please affirm the following statements:

SPSE Code of Conduct

St. Paul Street Evangelization uses non-confrontational methods to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets. At SPSE we encourage all evangelists to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit and the divine appointments God places in their daily life. However, when representing St. Paul Street Evangelization in an official outing evangelists and teams must adhere to the following Code of Conduct. An official outing is any outing the team leader deems to be official which follows this Code of Conduct while employing the methods and practices of SPSE.