Publications, Tracts, and Media

“Thank you for providing the various pamphlets and information at Cobo during the Detroit Marathon Expo.  I picked up a wonderful “How to Pray the Rosary” and have started to say a rosary each day.  It’s been wonderful and this is the nicest guide with all the mysteries and prayers laid out in an easy format to follow.”

These pamphlets may be printed and freely distributed by SPSE Partners. Click on the tract to view it.  Right click and then select Save As to save it to your computer for later printing. To download all tracts in a zip file, click here. To order a brochure holder, click here for an example.


Faith: The Creed


Moral Life of the Church



You do not have to pay royalty on these talks. Permission has been secured for you to burn these to CDs and hand them out in your street evangelization. You may not post them publicly online or use them for anything else. CD Labels here.

  1. Proofs for the Existence of God by Peter Kreeft
  2. Rome Sweet Home by Dr. Scott Hahn
  3. The Pope by Dr. Scott Hahn
  4. True Worship by Fr. Michael Schmitz
  5. One Church [John Martignoni]
  6. Apostolic Authority and the Pope [John Martignoni]
  7. Our Lady of Fatima [Speaks about the miracle of the sun and the vision of Hell]
  8. Are you Saved? by Dr. David Anders
  9. Are You In…Or Just Playing Church? by Deacon Ralph Poyo [Great talk for “lukewarm Catholics”]
  10. From Nothing to Cosmos by Karlo Broussard
  11. Faith & the Saints by Jennifer Brown
  12. Growing in Virtue by Dawn Hausmann
  13. The Son of Man by Deacon Ralph Poyo
  14. Salvation History by Dr. John Bergsma
  15. Reading the Bible by Fr. Mark Rutherford
  16. Called to Communion by Dr. David Anders (10 CDs)

Guided Christian Meditation

Guided Christian Meditation from Fr. Ian VanHeusen. You can download and burn this audio to a CD and hand it out with the instruction page on how to enter into Christian meditation.

The Rosary Album

The Rosary Album – An exclusive album produced by St. Paul Street Evangelization with the Gospel, Catholic Music, and the Scripture Rosary.

Complete Course on the Bible

Understanding the Scriptures [ from, this is a 30 session podcast from Carson Weber (MA Franciscan University) that will take people from Genesis to Revelation from a Catholic biblical worldview. This is a large file! 2.2 GB and will need to be burned to a DVD or flash drive. ]

Someone says they are going to commit suicide, what do you do? Someone else says they are suffering from loneliness, how can you pray for them? A police officer says you are not allowed to stand and evangelize where you are, how do you respond? Someone else needs to hear the Word of God, what scripture passages can you turn to? Another passerby wants to know why Catholics confess to a priest, what do you say? This street evangelization pocket guide is perfect for evangelists in the street and everywhere else! You will be able to download and print it for yourself, or order it directly from SPSE.

Download the flashcards and print them on this media (buy 2 packages). Stick them on regular index cards and then quiz yourself and learn the passages in no time.

The Catechism in ExamplesOver 1200 pages of stories from the saints, fathers of the church, scripture, and real life examples. Useful to evangelize by sharing “stories’ instead of lecturing others

The Catechism of Pope St. Pius X [ Web | PDF | Paperback ]

Great quiz material to challenge you teams with, or just to read and meditate on your own.

The Catholic Evidence Training Outlines [ Web | PDF | Paperback ]

This work is by the famous spouse of Frank Sheed, Maisie Ward (of Sheed & Ward). Ward was also a well known street preacher and these outlines served as the basis for Catholic Evidence Guild street team classes. There are only two known surviving guilds, one in the US and on in England. St. Paul Street Evangelization has, in many ways, taken up their banner and is continuing their work in a less confrontational way. They would have a team of people, one who would preach at a podium in the public square while the rest of the team gathered people around to listen to the preacher. This text is a priceless resource and has been carefully formatted and presented here for all members.

My Ideal, Jesus Son of Mary by Fr. Emile Neubert [ Web | PDF

Called a “school of holiness,” this little book  Father Neubert, SM, synthesizes and presents the Marian teachings of Father Chaminade, founder of the Marianists. In a conversational format similar to The Imitation of Christ, Jesus and Mary teach us how to be “Sons of Mary” by imitating the filial devotion of Jesus Himself. Presented here by the permission of the Marianists for the formation and edification of all SPSE evangelists.