Seeker Small Groups

Learn how to establish relationships that can lead others into the Faith in a meaningful way.


Seeker Small Groups – Team Training Materials

  1. Small Groups: I Called You by Name
  2. Cycle of Topics
  3. Components of a Small Group
  4. Qualities of a Leader
  5. Making Invitations to your Small Group
  6. Preparing for your First Meeting
  7. Tips for Success
  8. Individual Meetings with Participants
  9. Multiplication & Transition
  10. Spiritual Battle & Intercession
  11. A Word about Success & Failure

Seeker Small Groups – Discussion Guides

  1. Pre-evangelization: Is there a God?
  2. Pre-evangelization: Why is there evil/suffering in the world?
  3. Pre-evangelization: Is the Bible reliable?
  4. Pre-evangelization: Is faith opposed to reason?
  5. Who is God?
  6. His creation of angelic beings.
  7. His creation of us out of love.
  8. Our temptation and sin.
  9. God’s promise and plan for our salvation.
  10. God reveals Himself.
  11. God promises.
  12. Mary’s “Yes”.
  13. Redemption & the fruits of salvation.
  14. The Church.
  15. God’s Constant Care.
  16. You & I are Part of this Story.