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    Why doesn’t the Church sell their riches and feed the poor?

    Actually the church does feed the poor through St. Vincent de Paul and other Catholic organizations. The Catholic Church has always been the most charitable organization in the world.
    I am not sure if I agree with the premise of your question concerning the Catholic church’s riches. Many of our local churches struggle to keep financially afloat. We can’t say because the church owns the local property and buildings that they are rich. If you look at our world church and look at all the church properties, it may appear rich to you. It would be inappropriate to sell these properties because the people would have no houses of worship. So I am not sure where you are coming from with this question.
    Our local priests, bishops and the Pope have a meager salary that will not make any of them rich. They do not personally own any of the property.
    Maybe you were thinking about some of the Protestant local churches that acquire great wealth which include a high pastor salary with expensive buildings and airplanes. Maybe that is what you were thinking of.
    by Clarence from Atlanta

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)