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    Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there am I in their midst(Matthew 18:20).

    St. Paul Street Evangelization desires to create a global community of Catholic disciples who will support, challenge, and inspire one another. Our online forum is one way to accomplish this desire. We encourage our students to become an integral part of Christ’s saving mission by sharing their knowledge with one another, asking questions, and participating in discussions here. Together, we can become better community leaders and change the world by bearing witness to the Gospel.

    Our Forum is divided into several different message boards:

    1) School – Here, you can find the Practical Activities from our lessons that you need to complete.

    2) Community – A place for everyone to discuss evangelization, including things such as ideas for becoming better evangelists and to learn from one another best practices and answers that help lead others to conversion.

    3) Prayer Requests

    4) Whaddaya Say? – This message board is dedicated to helping evangelists respond to questions, comments, and objections they may hear while evangelizing. Some debate for greater understanding is permitted.

    To access each message board, click the title of each board and the link will take you to that particular board. You’ll also see some descriptions at the top of each board that provide the purpose as well as some rules for the board.

    On the left of this page, there is a sidebar. This is our “quick access” feature. It’ll take you to a specific thread in a message board.

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