October 2021 – How can a loving God send people to eternal torment?

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    Avatar photoDan Marcum

    What do you say if someone says, “I am not Christian because I can’t believe in a god who would send someone to burn forever just because they decided not to go to church.”

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      Avatar photoRobert Wilson

      Answers from our SPSE Catholic Apologetics Facebook page:

      That’s like saying “I’m never going to have lights in my house because I can’t believe a company would let people sit in the dark, cold, and unable to cook on their stove if they don’t pay some stupid bill”. So you’re going to sit in the dark, protesting the light/electric company? You’re only hurting yourself by choosing to be in perpetual darkness and by protesting what is fair. By the way, God isn’t the electric company: He actually doesn’t let you sit in the dark. You actually have to RUN AWAY from His light, which is free for everyone.
      Toni A

      It’s not about going to church, it’s about showing love for our Creator. If one can’t be bothered to spend 1 hour out of 168 a week worshiping his/her Creator, they probably don’t love God, and if we refuse to love God, He won’t force us to be with Him for all eternity.
      David R

      You have that all wrong, God doesn’t send us anywhere we do that all by ourselves we are all free to do what we want if we are Catholics the church has rules as we all do if we have a home you keep them if you want to stay, the church has commandments as Catholics we keep them if we choose not to and live in sin you choose your own road.
      Lucy K

      God does not send anyone to hell. They choose it with the decisions they make.
      Ann B

      The fourth commandment, given to Moses directly from God, is pretty clear on this subject. It’s his rule, because it’s his gate. You can choose to do what you please; however, you will always be held accountable for those choices. If the 4th commandment requires you to keep holy the sabbath and the early church knew that to mean you had, in part, to actual go to church on the sabbath as part of keeping that day holy, then that’s part of the rules for getting into heaven. You don’t have to go to heaven if you don’t want to.
      Anthony F

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      Avatar photoFelipe Raposo

      I think its important too too say the benefits of Church, especially in the Eucharist, the readings, the praise to God he deserves.

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      Avatar photoegraveline

      God doesn’t send anyone to burn forever just because they missed church on Sunday. He gave everyone a free will so you can choose to go to church or choose not to go. He gave you 168 hours in a week and all he asks for back is just one hour. Is that too much to ask? Since you are not a Christian, think about this. Jesus was a real live person who lived in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. Witnesses saw him cure people and they saw him rise from his death. Over 500 people saw him after his resurrection. He established a church. Just one church. And gave us rules to follow. They are not hard rules.

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