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    David Jarry

    Hello, my name is David and I’m the team leader of the new street evangelization team in Nashua, NH. We had our first outing today on Main Street, and I’m pleased to say everyone performed well and we innovated a little. We had at least 6 evangelists including myself offering rosaries by the our display table or going further down the street. We handed out 20+ rosaries, necklaces with a crucifix and a miraculous medal, pamphlets, and had good conversations with people in our community. Our parish is also run by the FSSP and offers the traditional Latin Mass in our diocese so we got to discuss that as well. It was a hot summer day so we also handed out bottles of water to people walking by as well; I remember what our LORD had said, “I was thirsty and you gave me drink.” (Matthew 25:35-40). I happy to say our first outing was a success and we are planning to do more in the coming months.

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      Avatar photoFelipe Raposo

      Hi David,

      I’m new to all of this so I found your post really inspiring! Im really eager to know how things are going, give us an update haha! I love how you incorporated water on a hot day to Matthew. I’m a Team Leader here in the Portland, Oregon region and I want to make it a mission to have days dedicated only to good works. We are facing a huge houseless crisis here so it’s important that we show who we really are.

      Personally, I think we can and should take time to perform acts of charity with or without an emphasis on evangelizing.

      This is reminder, that we cannot forget that we, us, are called to works of charity. Non-Negotiable.


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      Avatar photoBeth

      Looks like it was a successful 1st outing David. Way to Go!! I love the Mt:25 reference. Thanks so much. Keep us posted so we can pray for your team when it goes out. Blessings, Beth

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