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    Robert Wilson

    In the secular world June is gay pride month, so it’s important that evangelists are able to explain in a loving way why the Catholic Church opposes gay marriage.

    When someone asks, “Why is the Catholic Church against gay marriage?”, how would you respond?

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      I had a sign out one weekend praying the Rosary and the sign said “Gods Marriage – One man and One woman”. A lesbian drove up amd got out of her car and said to me, “ I am a lesbian and I want to know why you are doing this”. I asked if she had an open mind. Yes she said. Do you know what natural law is?? No. Can I explain it to you? Yes.
      Everything we see is part of natural law. The air we breath goes in our nose and mouth, not our ears. The cars driving by are for roads not the ocean. Boats are for the ocean and not the street. Our body’s are also subject to natural law. We don’t use ice picks to clean our ears or steel wool to brush our teeth. And we have a complete circulatory system to take blood to every part of our bodies. But we don’t have a complete reproduction system. We MUST have the opposite sex to create life. That is why you live an average of 10 to 15 years less than we do. Why you have higher rates of depression, suicide, cancer and every disease out there. 40% of all anal cancer cases are related to homosexuality yet they are less than 8% of the population. That is way out of kilter due to natural law. So we are doing this to help you. She said Thank you and left

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