January 2020: Why do we need a savior?

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    St Paul says in Ephesians: We were dead in our sins, then he says, “it is by grace that you have been saved, through faith; not by anything of your own, but by a gift from God”, WE need a savior.
    – Michael Halloran

    We need a Savior because it says in Scripture “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him would never perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 Why did God do that? Because our sin and rebellion has separated us from the Father who created us and brought us into existence. “All men have fallen short of the glory of God.” Heaven was closed. Jesus came into our dark world to become man like us, suffer, die on the cross for our sins to bring us back to the Father and give us eternal life in Him. Death has now been destroyed by His sacrifice! Now wouldn’t you say that is the good news!!
    – Nancy McCambridge

    Well, for me, I know I want to be the best person I can be, and I know that’s what God wants. But because of something called original sin, or concupiscence, which goes way back to our early ancestors, we have this inclination to not always do what God wants us to do. God is love, and He created us out of love and for love, completely, and to care for Him and for each other. God gave us His son Jesus as an example of how he wants us to love, completely and without reservation, and because of Jesus life, death, and resurrection, our faith in His saving grace can forgive us from sin and keep us safe for life after death.
    – John Paint

    Because we all do things that are wrong, we need someone to make things right between us and God.
    – John Harburg

    We all sin. Because of this sin Jesus came to free us from the result of that sin. He paid the price of our sin by dying in our place so we can live with him in heaven. John 3:16
    – Pam Hehl

    Well, what do you think is the biggest problem facing humanity today? We have wars across the world, and in all of history we’ve never seen the world completely at peace. And now ever-more nations are getting nuclear weapons. We have the environment turning bad, from human misuse and pollution. We have politicians in America and many other nations paralyzed by partisanship and corruption, crippling our ability to respond. If you look at the world and what humans have done to it, it’s pretty clear to me that we need a savior. Wouldn’t you agree?
    – Stefan Siwko

    The term ‘savior’ implies someone who saves us from something. So, what do we need to be saved from? First and foremost, we need to be saved from hell. Hell is a place that God created for people who don’t want to be in a relationship with Him. It’s the worst place possible because God created us to share in his divine life of love forever. It’s what we were made for, and it’s the only thing that will truly satisfy us. And God’s saving work isn’t just for when we die. It’s for right now. You see, we come into the world separated from God because of sin, but because of what Jesus did for us, we’re able to be reconciled with God. The sooner, the better because when we live our lives apart from God, we can experience a lot of bad stuff – sin, anxiety, loneliness, depression, a lack of purpose, etc. And being in a relationship with God is the fix for all that. He infuses us with supernatural life and empowers us to avoid evil and to do good.
    – Bob Wilson

    We need a Savior because God is real, he loves us, and he desires to have a relationship with us so that we can know peace in this life and be with God forever in Heaven after we die. Because of sin we have a broken relationship with God, and that relationship can only be restored by faith in Jesus, repenting of our sin, and being baptized.
    – Adam Janke

    Good question! To explain it, let’s talk about child sex-trafficking. Sex-trafficking is where people, as part of an organized ring, abduct children and make them sex slaves. It’s very common. Even in the United States. We need a savior because of evils like that. So, what’s God doing about it? It’s called the gospel: God came into the world in His Son, Jesus Christ, to judge all evil, including sex trafficking, and to destroy it. Through the power of the Cross and Resurrection, God is destroying evil in the hearts of people all over the world, and preparing people for a new heavens and earth where justice will prevail. Evil exists in all human hearts. Not just in sex traffickers, but in my heart and yours. So, through Jesus, God is preparing the world to be transformed. Being a Christian is about letting God do His work in you, and working together with Him in this work. Being a Christian is about being part of the solution. Not part of the problem. We need to be taught by God, and live the way He intended us to.
    – Mark Hornbacher

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