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    Maricela Carrasco

    I have been praying for a particular friend who seems to feel that they have lost their faith. They have expressed that they feel that we were put here in hell (earth) for some unknown reason. This person has gone through a messy divorce and is feeling betrayed and hurt.
    I feel that the Holy Spirit has been prompting me to take advantage of windows of opportunity to share with my friend God’s love for them.
    My friend recently said they would like to feel like they are on fire for God. I told them that the desire for being set on fire for God is a gift from God and an invitation from God for a deeper relationship with Him.
    I shared my experience of feeling alone and unheard by God in the past. And how I felt something telling me I needed to pray more in order to feel closer to God. I even shared that there have been times when I get lazy in my spiritual journey. And that God loves us so much that he lets us pick up where we left off instead saying “Go back and start over”.
    I do what I can to remind my friend how much God loves them and that God will never divorce us.
    I have noticed a small change in my friend. I’m grateful for what steps my friend can take forward. My friend also has expressed that I seem to know how to say the right things at the right time and put things in a perspective that softens their heart and opens their eyes. I can only say that it is the Holy Spirit using me as an instrument.
    Maricela Carrasco

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      Avatar photoFelipe Raposo

      Hi Maricela,

      Im new to the SPSE crew so I have been frequenting this board often. What struck me most about your post was the value of patience, something I have been working on myself. As someone who like you have my lazy moments and my lazy YEARS (lol) how God works in a whole different timeline than us. Your friend is fortunate to have you and I’ve been in the same shoes so many times that I see a friend in distress and I’m just itching to get them on “our side”. If I could just offer some novice advice, I would say trust in the Spirit 100% and throw away your timeline. I fought the call of evangelization for YEARS, made excuses and tried to make up for it in other ways. But in retrospect I wasn’t ready, but I always had good influences leading me home.

      Whats wonderful about Gods mercy is that he’s not keeping a timetable of how long we’ve believed/been devout/etc. Remain a beacon for your friend, trust in the Holy Spirit and pray pray pray, don’t give up and God will provide.


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