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    Avatar photoDan Marcum

    “Believing that God will bless you for wearing saint medals and scapulars is superstitious.”
    How would you respond to this claim?

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      Avatar photoMelissa Manning

      Unlike the Sacraments, which have the power to confer grace, there is no inherent power in sacramentals. However, those who make use of sacramentals (such as medals or holy water) obtain the blessings of the Church, the prayers of martyrs and saints who have gone before us. The demonic are repelled by and suffer pain from sacramentals.

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      Avatar photoRobert Wilson

      Answers from our Catholic Apologetics Facebook page:

      Wearing saint medals and scapulars will only become superstitious when the level of occult is injected as part of “transaction” for favors, instead of blessings.
      Petra A

      The Blessed Mother promised that anyone who wears the scapular will be saved by her intercession to Her Son.
      In an exorcism, despite the faith of the victim, the devil inside the victims gets agitated in the presence of the sacramentals even before the initiation of the prayers.
      Ran T

      It is superstitious only if you believe the scapulars and medals have power of their own. But if God’s power can work though sacred people, then surely his power can work though sacred things and there is no superstition in that.
      Joby P

      For me it’s a reminder to be W.O.P.I. W-to Witness God’s love to me and others and to the Saints whom the medal was attributed. O-Obedience to God’s commandment to love God and my neighbor by the example of the Saint in the medal. P-Protection from sinful act and situation. I- identity as a Catholic who believes in the true church that Jesus has founded and its magisterium.
      Ritche C

      I carefully announced to the people I put the miraculous medal on, that it is blessed, so it is a “sacramental” meaning you are carrying something deemed holy, like holy water, but the medal reminds you to say, “Mary, help me.” Your faith in Mary’s help and Jesus’ help is what brings the miracles.
      Donna B

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