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Avatar photoDan Marcum

Ed, I brought up your suggestions with Steve (our president) and Adam (our chief operations officer). You’re not the only one who’s asked for a new pamphlet; we’ve also received requests for a simpler Rosary pamphlet and a pamphlet about Paul the Apostle. Adam recently asked me to tell you that we are all working hard as a staff to get our school of evangelization up and running, both the live version and the online version. Since the School of Evangelization is our current primary focus, we would be moving away from that focus by taking the time to create a new pamphlet, add it to our website, and stock our inventory with thousands of copies. However, if you check back with us in six months, things might be different, and we might be able to add a pamphlet on Hell. I hope this message finds you well. Try checking back with us in six months. God bless!