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Avatar photoRobert Wilson

Hello Felipe –

I mention hell sometimes when I’m proclaiming the kerygma.

You can ask someone, “Hey, do you know what we believe as Christians?” or “Do you know what the Gospel message is all about?”

I then I proclaim the Kerygma:
God loves you and created you. You are precious, unique and unrepeatable. He wants to be in a relationship with you forever and has a plan for your life.
The bad news is that due to sin, we were separated from God and our human nature was wounded. That means our intellect was darkened, our wills became weak, and sin became attractive. The consequence of sin is eternal death in hell.
The good news is that God’s Son, Jesus, became man, atoned for our sins by dying on the cross and rose from the dead for our salvation.
We receive the Holy Spirit and the gift of salvation when we put our faith in Jesus, repent of our sins, get baptized and become His disciples.
Jesus established the Catholic Church to teach with his authority, to empower us with his grace, and to bring us back to life if we commit a deadly sin.

Have you had conversations with people about hell before? how did they go?