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Avatar photoFelipe Raposo

Hey Robert,

Im new to the SPSE movement so I’m going through the boards. I was wondering if you had any update on how the approach went. To me its solid truth-on-truth but how did it go with the presentation? My thoughts is that once I’m out there it can go 100+ different ways.

Like I said I’m new, so my approach right now is to plant seeds. So can I ask you this… How are you able to plant seeds with so much at once? I tried to grow a fig tree this year and turns out I inhibited it from growth because I overwatered it. I swear i thought a tree needed that much, but turns out it actually doesn’t, its a really difficult tree to grow. Lucky for me, after a few months, I’m starting to see it sprout again. I cant claim to be anything or anyone other than someone who is pretty wary of the hesitation to hear us out. In better days (the days of St. Paul haha) people were more open to truth, knowledge.

I believe you have the Holy Spirit flaring through you and that’s so great! If I could just say something, remember that we need to be so patient and patient with the lost sheep. Love them, tender them, comfort them.. its so much more beautiful when they come to you for the truth.

I hope that wasn’t weird haha