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Avatar photoFelipe Raposo

Hi Maricela,

Im new to the SPSE crew so I have been frequenting this board often. What struck me most about your post was the value of patience, something I have been working on myself. As someone who like you have my lazy moments and my lazy YEARS (lol) how God works in a whole different timeline than us. Your friend is fortunate to have you and I’ve been in the same shoes so many times that I see a friend in distress and I’m just itching to get them on “our side”. If I could just offer some novice advice, I would say trust in the Spirit 100% and throw away your timeline. I fought the call of evangelization for YEARS, made excuses and tried to make up for it in other ways. But in retrospect I wasn’t ready, but I always had good influences leading me home.

Whats wonderful about Gods mercy is that he’s not keeping a timetable of how long we’ve believed/been devout/etc. Remain a beacon for your friend, trust in the Holy Spirit and pray pray pray, don’t give up and God will provide.