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Avatar photoFelipe Raposo

Hey here kjsspei,

Thanks for the response! I’m still working through the training and I’ll probably run through it again to catch anything I may have missed. the reason I posted was because before I joined SPSE I was out in Portland passing out water and food, and (shh!) I was covering up awful things I saw with a few stickers of our Blessed Mother ;).

The reason I had asked the question was because Portland is going through a bit of a midlife crisis. There’s hostility towards the Gospel and there’s hostility towards “organized religion”. I’ve come to realize that we’re not looking to make martyrs so I’m going to tread a bit more carefully and just spend more time scoping out safer locations.

I have engaged with the houseless community on a secular level and am always itching to bring the Light to their lives, but I will let the Holy Spirit take the wheel and guide me, and right now, He’s telling me to slow down. Since the original post I’ve had time to rethink my methods and locations. I hope and pray that no one ever has to face adversities at that level, so I will work towards the same.

I’m almost done training, please keep me and our nation in your prayers!