Online School

Our online school is designed to equip Catholics to learn more about their Faith and how to share it with others in a joyful, non-confrontational manner. Looking at the ministry model of Jesus, we see that he invited everyday people into a “school” of discipleship. Over a period of time, the first disciples listened to Jesus, studied Scriptures, engaged in discussions with each other and him, grew in intimacy and prayer, and learned supernatural ministry through empowerment and practice. Once they were filled with the Holy Spirit, they left the foot of the Master and were sent out into the whole world to make disciples of nations. They proclaimed the Gospel and demonstrated the Kingdom of God in signs and wonders. They invited those who repented and believed in the Gospel into the Body of Christ, the Church. Those ordinary disciples changed the world.
This is more than church history – it is our story. Evangelization, to bring the Gospel to the world, is our identity and mission as baptized Christians. And at this unique time in history, the Church is calling us to the work of making disciples by becoming again like the first disciples. We welcome you to the St. Paul School of Evangelization! We want to train, equip and mobilize you to live out your vocation! We firmly believe that together, we can faithfully and effectively witness to the world that our God continues to use ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things in the world!
Our mission: To train, equip, and mobilize Catholics for the urgent work of evangelization.


If you already have an account with our sister organization, St. Paul Street Evangelization, you can simply log in using your email address. If you have never signed up with us, simply register for an account, and you will have instant access to our certification courses, online training modules, and other resources for evangelization and evangelization team development. Plus, you’ll receive huge discounts on all evangelization items in our extensive online store. Please visit our registration page today.


Yes. We encourage you to get others involved in the urgent work of evangelization through our materials. Feel free to share our training videos at your parish and with your friends and family. However, your account’s progress tracker and course certifications might get incorrect information if you let other people take our courses using your account, so we do require separate accounts for people seeking evangelization certification. If you and some friends and fellow parishioners find our training useful, and you’re ready to start evangelizing, you may wish to consider starting an evangelization team with our sister organization, St. Paul Street Evangelization.