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Avatar photoJane Gootherts

“Well, I was raised Christian, and I’m still spiritual, but I’m not religious.”

Praise God! I am spiritual also. Do you believe in the spiritual world? Have you had any experiences with God’s love for you?
If you have not, let me assure you that God loves you and desires perfect relationship with Him as your Heavenly Father.
So often our lives do not have peace, may even experience loneliness or isolation. God is always close to us and desires us to be close with Him.
God so loves the world, you and I, that He gave His only Son Jesus to die on the cross so that we might live with God forever.
I experienced this love from God when I was 14 yrs old and learned about Jesus. I learned that my sins kept me separated from God but through repentance and confession I would receive salvation through Jesus. When I was baptized I felt the fullness of God’s cleansing love bring me into His perfect relationship. Would you like more information about how to receive God more fully into your life?

Other questions to pursue:
Have you had a negative experience that hurt you in church?
What do you believe happens after you die?
Would you like to go to this church which is open and experience God’s presence in Adoration?