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Answers from our Apologetics Facebook page:

Peter was expressing something showing he wasn’t thinking as God does. It didn’t diminish his role as leader of the church.
Etienne F

Peter had yet to deny the Lord, receive pardon 3 times and confirmed to lift his brothers, plus wait upon the Baptism by fire in Acts 2. Notice that after Acts 2, Peter speaks most of the time.
Jesus Z

Satan and bad spirits tempt us all to create a stumbling block to the Son of Man and Son of God within our lives, that is, in carrying out the will of the Father–the mission of the redeemer… In fact, to cast doubt on the Word of God in the flesh establishing Peter as the rock is a sure sign originating from the infernal headquarters. Repent, believe in the Gospel, believe in the one church, It is the will of God that just as the Father and Son are one, so is the Church in the unity of the Holy Spirit. If you’ve found salvation on earth that grace has flowed from the Catholic Church, He remains within her, the way, truth, and life. If you open the doors of your heart to the Spirit of truth and love, you will find that Jesus still draws all men to Himself within the Church he founded. The world, the flesh, and Satan attempt to prevent this; the Virgin Mother of God, the Virgin Most Powerful, defeats false Christ’s and false churches.
Jimmy E

Satan means accuser, or is someone who tries to stop you from doing God’s will. Satan is not just a person. Anyone can be a Satan in your life, if they try and stop you from doing God’s will. The Devil is the chief accuser of those who obey the will of God.
Donald S

Because Jesus was talking about the temptation to forego the Passion he was about to enter into, he wasn’t calling Peter Satan he was calling the temptation Satan issued. Peter had just said no Lord don’t allow this, not realizing that this was the will of God and the way in which the world would be redeemed. Peter is the Rock because Jesus saw in him that with the help of the Holy Spirit he would be the leader the Church would need and he proved it starting with Pentecost.
Louis J

He had one set of keys to give and Peter was the one the Father picked out and revealed the unique nature of Christ to Peter and likewise Jesus chose that man to change his name, make him the Pope and give him the keys. The proof is that’s without so much as a prayer he killed 2 people in the book of Acts, only God or someone with his authority can do something like that.
Bradlee S

The ROCK of the Church doesn’t mean he can’t do wrong things. (Impeccability.) The ROCK of the Church means he cannot TEACH wrong things. (Infallibility). Teaching and doing are two different things. We’ve had scoundrel popes who did terrible things… BUT NONE OF THEM EVER TAUGHT WRONG DOCTRINE. So being the ROCK of the church means one is INFALLIBLE, not IMPECCABLE.
As Catholics, we need to understand this and know how to defend it.
Joby P

Consider the chronical order of NT events, and which side of Christ’s death and resurrection the biblical passage in question happened. Jesus was the teacher at that time, not Peter being the student disciple concerned for Jesus’ safety.
Peter later became the teacher after Pentecost, and Christ ascended into Heaven after commissioning the apostles to continue His work.
First the apostles were chosen to follow Jesus; were taught by Christ, and they were eye witnesses to His death and resurrection which had to happen first. The apostles were sent (commissioned) by Jesus when the time was right, not before.
Miles M

We all make mistakes and need forgiveness. Peter made some big ones, but Jesus forgave him and can use even the weakest of men to fulfill his will. God oftentimes uses the least qualified people for his jobs.
Janet D

For whom the Lord loveth, he chastiseth; and he scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.
Correction, even harsh correction is not a sign of disfavor.
Nicholas S