Basic Catechism On-Line Course Instructions

  1. This on-line catechism course has four parts that all work together. First is the course Manual, and includes the lessons. Second is the course Workbook, which should be filled out by hand as you read each lesson. Third is the Modern Catholic Dictionary, which is for looking up vocabulary terms. Last is the on-line quiz, which should not be started until the lesson has been read and the Workbook. A PDF of the Manual can be downloaded here. A PDF of the Workbook can be downloaded here. The Dictionary can be viewed here.
  2. You may choose to read the lessons on your computer screen, or you may print a hard copy for off-line reading. Remember that the Course is copywrited and may not be distributed or shared without written permission. To purchase hard copies of this course Manual and Workbook, visit or call (608) 782-0011.
  3. Remember to print a copy of the Workbook so that you can record your answers as you work through the Course on-line.
  4. It is important that you complete the questions in the Workbook first, and then complete the quiz on-line when you are ready to take the entire quiz in one sitting. This Workbook will be part of your permanent record. You will also receive email copies of each completed quiz.
  5. Read through the test questions in the Workbook before beginning each lesson. Then, when you begin to study the Course Manual, make notations to help you more easily locate the information that will help you to answer the questions correctly. Many students have found it helpful to highlight Scripture references in a printed copy of the Manual. These references are often referred to in the test questions; highlighting makes it easier to locate them.
  6. TAKE YOUR TIME! Please do not race through the Course and the questions. Be prepared to spend two to four hours on each lesson, allowing the Holy Spirit to work in your mind and in your heart as you study, reflect and pray about the beautiful teachings of the Catholic Church. Our Catholic Faith is a gift from Our Savior Jesus Christ. Slow down, and allow yourself to savor its richness and depth.
  7. We cannot stress enough the importance of studying the vocabulary words in the Modern Catholic Dictionary and the Catechism of the Catholic Church references that are listed at the beginning of each lesson. Taking the time to do so will help you to answer the questions correctly. More importantly, it will help to clarify what the Church teaches about a particular topic.
  8. If you use a version of Sacred Scripture other than the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition, please be aware that the differences in translation may make it difficult for you to determine correctly the answers to some of the questions.
  9. Each quiz is divided into two or more sets of questions. The sections may be any combination of the following: True and FalseMultiple ChoiceMatching.
  10. In order to earn a certificate for this course you must take all 16 quizzes and receive an average score of at least 75%. Your average will be noted on your certificate after you complete all of the quizzes. If the quiz average is 75% or higher, the certificate is considered valid. If your average is below 75%, you will have a chance to raise your score to a passing level, but you must email us at for instructions.
  11. If you want to review your scores after you take a quiz, go to your profile and click on “statistics” next to the quiz you want to view.



True or False

The first set of questions asks you to indicate whether statements are true or false. Be sure to read each and every word of the question. One word is often the key to the correct answer. Secondly, be sure to refer to your resources, beginning with the Basic Catholic Catechism Course Manual, to verify that what you believe to be the correct answer is truly the correct answer. Making notes in the Manual when you first read it will help you locate exactly where you found your answers.

Multiple Choice

Another set of questions asks you to choose the term or phrase which best completes each statement. In many cases, two, or even all three, of the choices are correct. You will need to choose the best answer. For example, a statement might read, “Jesus was born in….” Let’s say your choices are: 1) the world, 2) Judea, 3) Bethlehem. All three are correct, but Bethlehem is the most specific, and therefore the best choice.


A final set of questions will ask you to match terms in one column with terms in another column. This is the set of questions that has proven most difficult for the majority of students, since one wrong answer means that one or more of the other answers will be wrong as well. This section, perhaps more than the others, stresses the need to make distinctions, to think critically through the doctrines of the Faith, and to evaluate why one answer is more correct than another. We would like to offer a few suggestions about how best to complete this section.

God bless you as you continue to learn and revitalize your Catholic Faith. You will not regret the time spent studying the Faith; all those you live and work with will be greatly enriched as well. May the “shepherd and guardian” of souls (cf. 1 Peter 2:25) bless and reward the work of all catechists with the “crown of justice” (cf. 2 Timothy 4:8) and the joys of His everlasting company in Heaven.