Belize – Fundraiser

Help Spread the Gospel!
Help Us Send Missionaries to Belize, Central America.

Saint Paul Street Evangelization IS IN NEED OF YOUR HELP for a special mission.

During this most abundant season of giving, the team at Saint Paul Street Evangelization have been asked to help the Catholic and Christian Faithful in Belize, Central America.

St. Paul evangelists have been called to reinvigorate Catholicism in Belize, the troubled crossroads where Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean meet.

β€œI feel SPSE has a unique role to play to build the Kingdom of God,’’ Father Scott Giuliani, SOLT, writes, inviting us to train, equip and mobilize the San Pedro parish in San Pedro and Divine Mercy parish in Belize City for the urgent work of evangelizing, reviving and reinvigorating Catholicism.

Help our Missionary team. For years, immigrants have been fleeing troubled Central America. Can you support our goal of raising $6,000 to send three St. Paul missionaries to organize a Catholic revival and train Belize Catholics for the urgent work of the New Evangelization? Any gift will help us build a fortress for Christ, training the faithful in how to best spread the Word of God.

When St. John Paul II visited Belize in March 1983 he stressed, β€œOne of the first and major tasks of my pontificate is the restoration of the unity among all Christians.”

Our goal is to send at least three (3) missionaries to lead the effort. If we can raise more than our goal, we will be able to send additional missionaries.

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